• Sweet Treats: Baking and Desserts with Cannabis

    On September 6, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    If you have ever watched one of the many cooking shows on TV, you’ve likely heard that baking is like chemistry. Just as chemists mix various elements to create new substances, bakers blend ingredients to make tasty treats. Understanding the science behind baking helps you become a better baker and appreciate how ingredients work together …

  • Cannabis Infused Oils and Butters: The Building Blocks

    On August 30, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    Cooking with cannabis is like discovering a whole new world of flavors and experiences in the kitchen. But before we start whipping up delicious cannabis-infused dishes, it’s crucial to grasp the foundation of this unique ingredient and transform it into an easy to use vehicle. One essential concept is decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is all about activating …

  • Introduction to Cooking with Cannabis: Getting Started

    On August 23, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    Cooking with cannabis opens the door to a whole new world of flavors, aromas, and experiences in the kitchen. Imagine adding a new and unique herb to your favorite dishes, elevating them to a level that tantalizes not only your taste buds but also your senses. However, before you dive headfirst into creating delicious cannabis-infused …

  • The Lifecycle of Cannabis

    On July 5, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    When growing your own cannabis, it is important to understand each lifecycle stage and how to best manage your plant to ensure healthy growth. Each stage is unique and requires care and attention in order to promote a large harvest.

  • Growing Cannabis At Home: Tips and Tricks

    On July 5, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    Growing any plant at home takes time and care, but we’ve found that some specific tips and tricks work best with cannabis. Steps like picking your plants with care, properly managing the growth of the cannabis, harvesting at the right time, and plenty of practice all influence your final yield.

  • An Introduction to Hydroponics

    On July 5, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    One of the greatest struggles when growing any plants is how much space is needed to effectively go from seed to harvest. Whether you’ve tried growing tomatoes in a pot, a full garden, or even just herbs, once you start to deal with soil, the plants themselves, and all of the various fertilizers, lights, and tools – it can become a bit overwhelming.

  • New Strains At Kind Care

    On June 12, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    Here at Kind Care, we are constantly working on new strains for our customers. Below are some of our newest offerings; be sure to visit us soon to try them out! Specimen X Sweet earthy Candy Gas flavor profiles of the Project 4516 are mixed with the fruity and sweet Devil Driver. This cultivar boasts …

  • Creating a New Strain

    On April 20, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    Creating a new strain of weed requires passion and also patience. This process can take multiple generations of cross-pollination, backcrossing, but is rewarding and exciting.

  • A Medical Cannabis Overview

    On April 20, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    Before recorded human history, Cannabis was cultivated as a resource for humankind. Even an excavated grave from roughly 2700 years had a large cache of female cannabis plants buried with the person.

  • First Time Edibles

    On March 30, 2023 By KindCare Staff in General

    With marijuana becoming legal in states all across the US, many people are consuming it for the first time. For most people, gummies and edibles are the choice with the lowest barrier for entry.

  • The Cannabis Customer

    On June 14, 2017 By Norm Greenbaum in General

    Have you ever taken a close look at the Colorado Cannabis customer?  Many folks imagine Jeff Spicoli falling out of his microbus in a cloud of smoke but that’s not even remotely close to the truth.


    On June 14, 2017 By Norm Greenbaum in General

    I work with a number of younger cannabis enthusiasts, and they love the concentrates! I’m familiar them, a little bit, but in my day they went on top of a bowl of herb and that was how it went down, not anymore.


    On June 14, 2017 By Norm Greenbaum in General

    It’s hard to pinpoint what makes the perfect dispensary, they’re all different but once you find your favorite it’s hard to take your money elsewhere. Colorado is a pioneer in the cannabis industry so you’ll find any …

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